Market Commentary of The Indices Market, September 2018

This Indices Market Commentary covers various topics and understanding of stock indices market activity and engaging information for an astute trader and investor, of international markets by demonstrating how interconnected the economies of nations have become.

September 29, 2018: American markets ended up expecting a lot weaker trading session than materialized; however, that demonstrates the flow of investment capital into the American market segments. In spite of the first days' outcome of the Ryder Cup - Men's golf competition between the U.S.A and European team :), confidence continues to be plentiful for America direct exposure as shown once the cash market opened up.

Although the results on Friday were limited, this has been a very good quarter for the S&P500. Putting on more than 7% for the third quarter brings the Year To Date (YTD) number to 9% and Year On Year (YoY) up to 16%.

The S&P500 completed its inner Index Rally and it is posed to test the Mean Support 2889, while Key Support is resting below. On the upside retest of the Key Resistance is very likely. 

September 27, 2018: American stock market was all about the Federal Reserve’s call and also the probability of monetary normality going forward. The 25 bps ( basis points) hike at first raised stocks as well as the currency however only to tumble back by its market close.<p>

The exact statement was apparently a bit more upbeat of which was expected; however this did not help the DJI by the end. The Federal Reserve isn't done as it is more likely to increase interest rates once again this year and in all likelihood an additional four times in 2019, the market industry forecasts.<p>

The exact about-turn took place during the press conference, however, seems to be as though market dealers are dismissing the numbers. The Fed Chairman stated they didn't view an unexpected uptick in inflation and therefore that was not even in their forecasts.<p>

The following remark hit banking institution stocks and flattened the Treasury Yield Curve Rates a great deal more. This just shows how jittery the equity market is right at this point, all of which be intriguing to find out exactly where we finish on tomorrow for quarter end numbers.

September 26, 2018: Cash actually made up for the futures trading lack of strength, however, has been refreshing to check out the NASDAQ market creating headway once again. The United Nations address by President Trump is most likely a good rehearsal intended for November mid-terms as it was America first the entire way. 

The Nasdaq Index has been the superstar performer for last two days; however, that looks to be rebalancing act at this point. Our Mean Resistance 7562 has been met with vengeance. The next intermediate target is Key Resistance 7660 and completed Index Rally target fulfilled on August 29.

With all this, the stocks continue to enjoy action near all-time high levels as well as confidence statistics: launched earlier yesterday are near 18-year high.

Clear of the stock market, crude oil was flat, the U.S. Dollar has been mixed, although fixed income has been sluggish yet again, together with the 10-year notes now yielding close to 3.1%. The precious metals were much higher, guided by Silver, which in turn gained 1.5% to Gold’s small gain.

You might think that today’s interest rate hike ought to be discounted by a metals complex, which often is the only real place higher interest rates matter, even though, traditionally, they haven't been damaging for Gold. However, if we have now constructive market action during the wake of the Fed meeting, it could lastly be time for the precious metals complex to advance higher.

September 20, 2018: The DJI was the steady-eddy throughout the day, having rallied more than 125 points at the session opening at its peak made over 200 points during the mid-session. However, it did squeeze in a modestly back but nevertheless was able to add positive 0.61% towards the Year-To-Date number.<p>

The Nasdaq came across as the laggard one of the class ending in negative territory, then again it's up more than 15% Year-To-Date. The DJI still has ways to go before it is in close proximity to that return for the current year as it is only up 7%, while the S&P500 is at 9% Year-To-Date. Financials sector is full of life again as yields begin to rise, but they are anticipating some help from the Federal Reserve as an interest rate rise is in the cards now.

September 19, 2018: The noticeably awaited and some would most likely say, more than expected, as soon as the new tariffs were released following the American markets closed yesterday (Monday). The DJI had already dropped more than 100 points, while the Nasdaq closed the session 1.5% lower. Technology stocks rebounded, as have done exporters, although added to this Unum Group and the Netflix we observe some healthy returns, while the S&P500 and Russell indices rallied plus 0.5%. It's often the way it is in markets that the news flash is much more fearful in comparison to the take action and that's what we got yesterday.

September 18, 2018: Main American indices ended up lower in spite of the DJI  having a mid-morning reversal. Into the close, the President Trump headline spooked price levels, and we came across a fast One hundred point drop in the DJI. The speculation is negative however it will be absorbed in the Asian trading session.

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