Market Commentary of The Indices Market, November 2018

This Indices Market Commentary covers various topics and understanding of stock indices market activity and engaging information for an astute trader and investor, of international markets by demonstrating how interconnected the economies of nations have become.

November 24, 2018: Typically, whenever an essential economy is out financial markets are calm and that's what we saw in the past couple of days. Thanksgiving Day in America along with a nation's holiday in the land of rising sun has preserved worldwide equity markets very quiet, ending virtually unchanged coming from midweek close. Furthermore, with such uncertainness encompass tariffs trade talks, and European Brexit talks it endorsed a calm finish to the week.

Europe has been on a sound footing following talk that Italy might undertake a far more sympathetic strategy to its present budget pitch. Financial segment led these results, however, have had difficulty keeping these price levels on Friday afternoon trading session. Brexit talks have questioned and challenged for headline news all week long.

Later in Eurozone afternoon trading, the American markets had not fallen through the floor, as being anticipated, and therefore we saw to some degree positive finish for all major European indices.

Early Wall Street trading tended to concentrate on a recovering equity market as well as lower energy price ranges. With West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil trending perilously near the $50 handle seeing a 7% tumble on Friday, we're at this point exploring the lowest price levels in more than a year. 

The 20% price drop comes after worries of a worldwide slowdown added onto the raised oil production numbers. This crude oil Friday jolt damaged primary indices as well as triggered a lowers for all S&P500, DJI, and NASDAQ.

Energy providers encouraged the lowers, however, were tightly accompanied by technology stocks as they flipped lower in later part of the afternoon trading session. The marketplace continues to be seeing a bid for Greenbacks as once again they're bid for year-end yet again. The US Treasury curve was continuously flattening as 10-year yields traded much lower.

November 22, 2018: After the troublesome Wall Street decline was seen Tuesday, Asian markets were in the beginning spooked. However, during an initial couple of hours prices had rebounded to arrive at unchanged territory and spent the remaining of the day trading with the forward bias. 

Talk how the USA and China have created gradual progress behind the curtain is reassuring, but it surely is the significant headline end that they've settled in news reports nearly everyone is watching for! 

The Asian market recovering served optimism by the time Eurozone started out trading business, however, has been backed by Italy’s probable reconsideration of its next year budget pitch. Talk that this Italian Treasury department was willing to review once more aided BTP’s (Italian Government securities) rebound to near 20bp’s.

In case Italy doesn't play ball, the very first could lead to is a 0.2% GDP penalty fine after which could lead to an additional 0.5% finalized fine if once again there is no submission. This would seem ridiculous fining member country money when the thing that they need first and foremost is money! 

Ahead of the American Thanksgiving day holiday, the marketplaces started on a positive note rallying more than 1%. The proximate reason for the positive cheer has been positive reports with regards to a resolution on the tariffs trade front as well as the possibility of the Federal Reserve to back away from interest rate hikes in the spring of 2019.

The additional top cause for concern has been once again Apple stock which noticed a lot more long liquidations yet as worries develop that the dominance is going to come to an end. Considering the size of the FAANG’s group, this affects not just them singularly but also on the positive outlook across all of the indices. 

Very early gains had been denied by the closing hour as it appears to be though a market sector transformation is underway. Earlier technology market leaders have created a way for higher dividends including utility companies and selected seasoned individual providers. The worldwide slowdown has changed the grab any kind of technology name approach since wide selection now has to be attained, warranted after which compensated.

US Treasury market nevertheless believes that the Federal Reserve moves once again in next month. Yield curve continuously being flattened with such notion - a fast expression on v=credit since it continues to be under pressure as issuance strengthens. The majority are desperate to secure at low costs while buyers retreat as interest rates rise.

November 21, 2018: American markets on Tuesday resumed their sell-off and once again encountered aimed at technology - the NASDAQ, and energy sector. The DJI was off almost 600 points or minus 2% within the opening minutes of the trading, however, then found a little bit of support from there. 

Most likely not surprising was that the technology sector lastly discovered a bit of support, however then it's off almost 15% from its years' high-level prints. The retail sector is experiencing concerns as results continue to keep miss targets. Apple stock heads blame for a great deal of the downfall, having gone down 20% from its high level, however, remains to be up 5% for the year. 

Energy shares tumble as West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil traded small $53’s handle. The shining spot continues to be the US Dollar adhering to excellent solid US economic numbers. The US Dollar index wakes up, and it's aiming to venture back to the 98 level. 

The US Treasury yield curve has returned in flattening manner, as the robust numbers expect the Federal Reserve on focus while the long end sympathizes along with the lack of expansion as well as hidden inflation. The expansion slowdown continues which by the way competes with the investment capital flow into the Greenback.

The intriguing part is the VIX index continues to be under the 25 level, however most likely because the selling is centered on Exchange  Traded Fund’s and not many people are long lowering the needs to hedge. The decline in the rate of growth furthermore points out why the Utility sector is hanging in so well.

November 17, 2018: At first, the American markets were lagging and weaker and then bounced on the USA - China list rumors. Technology stocks have once again been the party poopers given that they keep seeing profit-taking following a great multi-year rush. 

There has been a combination of earnings reports but unquestionably looks like money is heading to cash. Into the closing hour, we were treated to a keen interest in the DJI which continually is taking the market further and further out of the way from the psychological 25000 price level. 

Friday's modest bounce has moved prices away from their weeks' lows, but nonetheless, virtually all major indices - S&P500, Nasdaq, and DJI, all are off close to 2% for the week.

Along the global stage, it's worthy of bringing up that a part of which has been made back concerning international investors employing general currency performance, so it's not all terrible.

Asian markets relief rally took place following a weaker opening for American markets, and that optimism did move into the region, however only for a short time.

The Japan Nikkei index opened nicely only to discover selling, and also the heavy spirits melted the Nikkei index into the weekend. The Nikkei finished down minus 0.5% which proceeds the index to a negative 5% Year To Date return.

This particular trade may also have been a stable trade for the Yen currency, which happens to be currently showing month high level by having a 112 handle at hand.

Even though core Eurozone indices started much better following the slow American market recovery as well as the steady Asian markets performance, all begun to drift immediately after more weak numbers, results as well as weekend book-squaring.

Brexit continues to be an enormous overhang for the locale together with the Italian budget managing a distant second. There is a great deal talk within the U.K. encompassing a no-confidence vote, and that is undoubtedly for sure what the Weekend papers will reign over.

Additionally, we heard from 'Super Mario' - European Central Bank chief earlier in the day with his deliberation over Quantitative Easing (QE) into the year 2019. The talk is that they continue into next year by having a probable reference of that they keep an eye on a procedure.

November 16, 2018: Given that the amount of cash flow back to America begins to increase once again, technology stocks buck their latest lower go gained 1.5% on the Thursday session. We did observe a bit of preliminary weakness, however thankfully, that has been short-lived, and the push for a paper was indeed on. 

Immediately after the market opened, we were treated to off around 0.5% for all core indices, and then talk that both the USA along with China were to boost plans to compromise flipped them all. The NASDAQ index was off close to 10% during the last month, and thus any good news that could inspire a recovery has been welcomed with open arms.

Economic numbers released were more or less in line; however, the Retail Sales data did offer great diverse advancement. Wage increase happens to be extremely robust, and besides, helping was sound earnings reports.

In Europe, with all this political bullying going on, British Pound dropped 2%. This kind of uncertainness has struck property companies along with financials the hardest just as with individual shares being off between 5% to 10%. The later part of in the day the  FTSE100 has been able to post modest positive close, though not unexpected considering the Sterling was around 2% lower on the session.

Asia market traded relatively well following a Wall Street volatility, having key China's indices finishing above 1% higher adhering to reassuring trade headline news. Chatter is that talks between the two biggest economies are progressing - or perhaps that they're even communicating! 

November 15, 2018: Pair of the primary Asian indices started much better yesterday session in the morning, and then they slid into negative territory soon after that. The Japan Nikkei, as well as the Inda's SENSEX, were the two; however, the two were back in the red during the first hour. Nervousness, sentiment, weak data, the absence of investment and the American market volatility are all excellent reasons being provided for the pessimism being witnessed globally.

Eurozone started weakly yet rebounded back into the positive territory after solid data aided sentiment. Nevertheless, having created confidence in an America's sturdy futures overall performance was soon to be eventually left trapped. A great deal of the Eurozone talk focused entirely on the BREXIT headline news and UK in general.

American cash market was initially up close to plus 200 points during the early trading hours and then dropped more than 500 points from the daily highs. Financials and Technology receive the blame for Wednesday trading however they are worth breaking up these by market sectors. 

In the financial sector once again we saw Goldman Sachs down which brings the reduction within the last several days to minus 12% and also puts it the stock in negative territory 20% Year To Date. The technology sector carries on with profit-taking and again is definitely worth mentioning that the NASDAQ continues to be up 3.5% Year To Date or more  36% over two year period.

Despite the fact we have seen a new normal 500 point trading swing days, we're yet to witness a solid pick up in the VIX index. Speculation is that this current volume is incorporated in the derivatives - Exchange Traded Funds, and only the leftover delta needs to be hedged.

November 14, 2018: The Asian markets started out weakened, which confirmed to be the day session low, and everything recovered from that point on. With that being said, the Nikkei index, ended lower with Japan's core index shedding 2%. In the late session, we observed a smallish recovery for the Nikkei futures; however, with that, the Yen currency was well into the 114’s handle.

Eurozone has been abuzz with talk with a deal between the US and China and besides talk of the fact that the UK might actually be agreeing on Brexit with the Brussels as quickly as this week! A lot of speculation about the later coming from agreed wording for the prompt signature - we shall see; however, that has been the main reason offered by many for the justification the key reason why Pound rallied 1.5% on the day.

Following Tuesday's decline, the atmosphere at the session open was in all probability best identified as cautious. Luckily, Apple stock found a bit of recovery, and that also aided the whole tech sector to rally. 

Early on losses had been denied, and the marketplace was abuzz along with positivity all around the talk how the US along with China have been talking trade tariffs again.

But unfortunately, this mood ended up being turned around, and in low volume, we traded into reverse to close the session off 4 points for SPX and 100 points in the DJI. The NASDAQ barely was able to hold onto positive results which do seem to be positive for the Asian session.

November 13, 2018: The shift in market psychology I have been talking about for some time will result in hemorrhaging on many fronts; this is just getting started, at least for the stock markets. However, it is not very easy to convey precisely what the interest rate of change or the economy is going to be and how quickly it will impact various markets. 

It is similar to a forest fire, for the reason that it is challenging to foresee where it will move and exactly how quickly it will progress. Nevertheless, the takeaway is the fact that stock market is in an extremely precarious place, and this will soon be obvious to everyone that is the situation and that the vast majority of premises they have been carrying out work from are erroneous.

Looking at the trading action on Monday, through session midday the Nasdaq had gone down 3% and also the S&P500 at 2% along with DJI at 2.3% with pretty much everything red. While in the afternoon session, all of them rebounded a little bit, then rolled over and went back to the daily low price levels.

Far from the stock market, the greenback has been the flavor throughout the day, especially versus the Euro Dollar, where the Italians, as well as the bureaucrats in Brussels Sprout's city, were having a showdown about Italy’s budget plan. All I can say is, stay tuned for more, because you will never know what kind of exotic rabbit they'll pull out of their hat, presuming they are capable of.

The bond marketplace surely was able to cause the bounce on the equities weakness, which might show us that people are increasingly becoming somewhat nervous. Meanwhile, crude oil dropped 0.5%, while Gold lost 0.75% - the miners had been weakened at the same time.

November 10, 2018: The American market is getting pulled into the worldwide slowdown which is delivering a lot more wild swings. The Exchange Traded Funds volatility is definitely proving a lot more volatile compared to the underlying cash market. It's intriguing that the VIX Index barely sees any kind of movement nor are options a whole lot of in demand. 

The chat is that this continues to be the most detested bull market throughout history and very few individuals own it. In case longs aren't that large, so why would we count on seeing the desire to hedge! Crude oil is falling as demand lags, Gold is being sold to increase cash holding (notably as the US Dollar rebounds), and thus we've America performing versus all the rest. 

The Producer Price Index numbers released were a lot better than estimated and created expectations for upcoming weeks Gross Domestic Product news. Equities did manage a rebound before the closing hour; however, it is the US Dollar we should be keeping track of, as Asia market continuously is underperforming.

Even while China trade broadened, it has accomplished absolutely nothing for stock markets sentiment or confidence, notably following the weak auto sales figures. We were treated to much more selling anxiety on Friday as the Shanghai market core Index closed down 1.4 percent lower, while the Hang Seng Index was way more underweight producing a 2.4 percent drop. Money continues to leave the EM (emerging market) space along with the currency which is experiencing the severe pressure.

Even while Eurozone was calm, it was much lower in the beginning in sympathy for worldwide marketplaces but then uncovered old challenges repeating.

The Italian Treasury came with an announcement that they have no aim of downsizing its national budget requirement. Italian 10 year BTP (Buoni del Tesoro Poliannuali) yields had been slightly wider while primary Bunds tightened five basis points as the flight to basic safety continue to prevail in Eurozone - FTSE MIB market closed down one percent.

Brexit was once again playing in news headlines in late trading session on Friday following the UK Jr. Transport Minister Jo Johnson (Boris Johnson brother) resigning from the office professing PM Theresa May wasn't pursuing precisely what the citizens voted for. Both Sterling and the Euro Dollar shed some ground with this resignation; however, Pound dropped the most - last observed being down minus 0.75 percent.

November 7, 2018: The US market managed to preserve its advance progress up until the closing hour as it was too early to know anything concerning midterms elections. We'll have to wait until later part on Wednesday for any definite results to be learned and therefore we will most likely be pushed to the Asian market for action. We've got the Federal Reserve later part n the week; however, no-one is anticipating anything at all right up until they hike rates again in December.

The positive sentiment in equities, as citizens vote, is having an unfavorable effect on the bonds market as there are expectations that Federal Reserve will keep its hiking bias. This nevertheless echoes on the question regarding whether or not higher rates are positive or negative for equities - the capital continues to flow towards America. However, this is going to be reflected within the year-end requirement for Greenback, knowing that already has begun.

Asian markets closed mixed, however, did find a few corrections coming from Monday’s session powerful moves. In Japan, the Nikkei225 index started close to 1% better and than steadily was able to build upon these gains. Even though closing way up 1.15% guided by industrials, commodity companies, and pharmaceuticals, we ought to view things from the direction of thinking in that, that quite few are bouncing off their Year-To-Day low levels.

Eurozone was calm in front of American elections along with possibly merely a neutral bias. The German DAX index did its best to strive an unchanged or perhaps positive closure, although the best that could be realized was a 0.1% negative end result.

November 6, 2018:  Along with a lot speculation as well as concern regarding the US elections, it has been the NASDAQ stocks a weakness which did establish the trend. Apple shares ended up being off close to 7 percent at one stage, however, managed a jump within the final hour of trading. 

Intriguing that the S&P500 and DJI ended up being in good order and lastly were able to break higher as the technology stocks selling slowed down. By the closing trading hour, both indices had gathered plus 0.7 percent while the NASDAQ finished the day down around minus 0.4 percent and well off its low levels. 

This week is an important trading week for US Treasuries with auction throughout the curve. Mondays three year came across the highest allotted yield and appeared established to be the beginning of the trend. Let us observe how the Midterms election will go.

Asian marketplaces had been a bit anxious of the afternoon sell-off the American markets encountered on Friday and therefore were somewhat reluctant to find their different feet to start the week. The press has worked everybody up right into a craze in advance of today's (Tuesday) US Midterm elections.

Eurozone indices experienced a mixed trading session on Monday with all of the core markets in and out of the negative zone. Once again, it has been real estate, and technology stocks which weighted on markets as loans, re-evaluations, along with a significant slowdown continue to strike the markets. In Eurozone, the Italian spending budget is going to slam the news headlines yet again this week as the European Union ministers meet to debate.

November 3, 2018: If many of us had gone home right after the Non-Farm-Payroll numbers, we might have all enjoyed a great weekend, and even no-one would be any wiser! Nevertheless, we all know with marketplaces; there is nothing ever as it appears to be. Let's ignore the morning and skip to the second portion of the trading day right after the results from Wall Street.

American markets, in the beginning, opened positive right up until Larry Kudlow had spoken and afterward it had been all changed - who claimed there is absolutely no trade package in the works with China! - Hmmm!. 

The Forex market has been arguably less afflicted considering that the positive Non-Farm-Payroll with additional 250,000 jobs and 3.1% wages growth had already set up the US Dollar on the run as it had along with US Treasuries. 

What is considered intriguing is the fact that once the stocks turned, there wasn't any reversal within currency or bonds. The Japanese Yen yarded its session range from 112.50 to 113.30 in North American trading hours. Eurozone bonds traded hefty inside a closing couple of hours, as the Yen currency likewise found virtually no flight to quality.

The NASDAQ market was once again leading the way going down minus 2% with both S&P500 and DJI not too far behind. Big technology stocks have witnessed profit-taking, given that the hunt for fresh new bids has been persuaded with 7% lowers for Apple stock.

Questions continue to linger over valuations specifically regarding the technology space, however, perhaps Fridays Non-Farm-Payroll number could be the wake-up call, given that virtually all markets have been waiting for. Well worth keeping in mind that rising interest rates aren't consequently dangerous to stock markets. We have been in that changing period where individuals will need to understand that fully.  

November 2, 2018: Appropriately after first showing no direction, stocks went considerably higher throughout the trading session on Thursday. With all the gains on the day, the main indices expanded the robust upward push observed within the two earlier trading sessions.

It turned out to be the Russell 2000 which led sentiment and the whole stock market with an exceptional 2.2% opening on the first of the month trading session. The NASDAQ wasn't much behind having 1.65% which in turn results in the S&P500 and DJI coming with a little over 1% as well. 

Not a bad market opener although we've Non-Farm-Payroll today being the first off Friday in the month. Just after Trump’s Twitter update, the stock market did consolidate around their daily highs but really could very well take advantage of some solid essential data support. 

Noteworthy that the price range has been somewhat snug as the marketplaces seem to have adhered to a feeling of calm for an overall trading day. Apple quarterly results following the close were impressive with revenue up 20% and Earnings Per Share up 41% to new September quarter ending numbers. This will likely influence the next market trend granted these kinds of uncertainty.

November 1, 2018: A final a couple of days have generated a 700 point rally for the DJI, however well worth bringing up it managed to drop 220 points in the final trading hour of the calendar month. But, we're not out of the woods at this point as the fourth quarter is anticipated to be a very volatile time frame and not merely in October.

Each of the regular monthly returns is readily available and also well-publicized, however in all this, it's well worth keeping track of the currency and even the muscle of the US Dollar. The Euro Dollar continues to have difficulties at the 1.13 handle, however, seems to be to have made it through on this attempt.

Any rebound will be a 'Dead Cat Bounce' and would most likely be short-lived since the market trend is self-evident at this point. ADP job report has been highly reassuring for sentiment momentum, however, let us see how Fridays Non-Farm-Payroll release turns out. 

U.S. Treasuries are beginning to look quite heavy once again, and that is most likely not unexpected following a lack of reaction witnessed throughout the stock market static correction.

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