Market Commentary-December 21

The Fed's increasing the interest rate by 25 basis points was more or less expected throughout, with just a few possible outlier exceptions. 

Nonetheless, it wasn't the rate hike that spooked all the markets, but that they had built-in a great deal believe that the absolutely no change in rate hiking rhetoric these people were expecting.

This is probably the reason why financial markets are reacting so violently because so many believe their exaggerations that the Federal Reserve was one and one.

Intriguing that as the selling moves along on Wall Street, we're starting to notice much more of a pick-up within the VIX index. Last witnessed trading having a 28 handle could possibly be construed that hedging has begun as positions are steadily built.

The Fed’s next year outlook wasn't precisely what the market had priced in, and therefore we are seeing the result of uncertainness. Thursday's burden has taken the main indices all the way down to February lows to levels not witnessed in more than 15 months.

The U.S. Treasury marketplace gave a bit of yesterdays rally back and had witnessed the steepening return. Let's wait and see what today's closing numbers will develop, however, many will be checking out news headlines for the most current China - USA negotiations.

Japan's Nikkei index ended up being pulled lower by pharmaceuticals, banks, and financials in a trading day where bids were pursued lower without any signs of a rebound all day long. 

The Yen likewise saw a few flights to quality however granted we saw a 3% drop in the Nikkei index the Yen bid was merely 0.8%. In the later part of a trading session, the safe-haven bid was finding its feet and also saw the chances of a 110 handle print.

The negativeness rolled out of Asia-Pacific into Eurozone markets, with all markets opening on the weakened side. Thursday's losses did take the main indices more deeply into double-digit losses for 2018, with the German DAX’s minus 18% leading the lowers for the current year.

The U.K. FTSE100 did nicely, by comparison, however even it declined 1%. Sterling has created balance some of that drop, however, couldn't compensate for it all.

February Gold contract finished higher on Thursday session as it expands the rally off this year November's low - Gold is trading at the five-month high. The high-range closure sets the trading action for a steady to higher trading on Friday's conclusion of this week.

Gold Chart

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