Market Commentary-December 18

American markets were quite heavy all day long on Monday and are looking to close at their smallest low levels for 2018. By retreating from near 15% from their peak levels, all core markets are trading nervously as we await the Federal Reserve and data begins to slow once again.

Yesterday housing numbers were their lowest in 36 months; however, there was a slight pick-up in business activity. Even though volumes are better, a lot fewer players tend to be positioning themselves this time of the year, and after the Federal Reserve release, we might most likely expect even lesser volumes.

Intriguing that the U.S. Treasury curve found a lateral four basis point move, while Eurozone bonds spotted rates climbing across both cores as well as the periphery. The majority of main indices are off close to 2% however look as though the Nasdaq has slipped back in-line with others rather than being the outsider for a change.

Nevertheless, it appears as though we're still on for the forecasted outlook. Well worth to point out also that the S&P500 did break its the month of February low although recovered at the session close.

European markets made an effort to hold just marginally lower levels on Monday session, however, once the American markets launched that turned out just too much of an ask! Increasing concerns of a worldwide slowdown continue to be spreading, and more recent data are inclined to reinforce that sentiment.

Brexit and all sorts of its shenanigans will continue for no less than another 90 days, therefore buckle in it can get wild! British Pound, nevertheless, has traded higher versus the US Dollar seeing as speculation that the Fed will hold the rats following this couple of weeks moves. The majority of core European bourses finished about 1% lower. 

With China economic numbers on Friday, combined with furthermore Brexit issues and Eurozone uncertainty are all in the stir in front of the Fed decision along with a devastatingly sluggish retail sector.

Both the Shanghai and the  H.K. Hang Seng indices recovered as a result of previous weeks lousy data as well as the DJI’s late Fridays drop. Volumes continue to be thin, and that definitely seems to be spreading to several other markets as well.

It's not unusual to experience market segments more dry in front of the holiday season; however this year it seems like it got a lot more attention most likely due to the fact prices are in decline.

Crypto currency prices increased higher on Monday session with many significant coins demonstrating double-digit gains.    

Bitcoin, the world’s most important crypto currency, has traded to weeks high pricing above $3500 and a single token was last seen changing hands slightly under $3500, down about 1.2% at post time.

Bitcoin Chart

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