Market Commentary of The Commodity Market, September 2018

This Commodity Market Commentary covers various topics and understanding of commodity market activity and engaging information for an astute trader and investor, of international markets by demonstrating how interconnected the economies of nations have become.

September 22, 2018: Given that the party in the wall street game continues, with record prices weekly inflows into American equity funds and the S&P500, and DJI smacking all-time highs, we now have already experienced large-scale capitulation within the Gold and Silver market segments. Both in the precious metals and also the underlying stock shares of the high-quality companies which mine and also explore the magnificent precious metals.

Commercial hedgers continued to be Long the Yellow metal market-with the 3rd week uninterruptedly, for the first time in Seventeen years. Additionally, they continued to be Long for the very first time in history, as the Silver market for the 4th week back to back while they keep on securing the noose around speculators as well as hedge funds which are vastly short the Gold and Silver. Sooner or later, the bullion banks undoubtedly will unleash a traditional short kill.

So, we may already see the real bottom of the Gold market considering that the resulting price of $1160 (Yearly Low) in an overnight session in Japan in the course of the very brutal takedown a couple of weeks ago. Therefore $1160 could be the crucial price to observe in the medium to short-term. The outer Gold Dip $1140 continuously is looming below and pose the last possible take down. However, for those who are making the most of this historic capitulation, the probabilities greatly favor a significant upside trend reversal.

September 18, 2018: The precious metals rebounded: Gold close to 0.5% to Silver's by around 1%, clearing away most of Friday session swoon, which may have been in connection with anticipations around just what President Trump might do on a trade war. Given it would seem that quite a few seem to believe an escalation of trade tensions means buy Dollars and American stocks and then sell Gold. Not that this kind of reasoning makes any sense at all, however, it has been at work for quite a while now.

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