Trading Market Commentary August 9 2017


The lingering question is, just how much Gold one should own.

There's no a single right percentage. Nevertheless, this principle does apply: When you have uneasiness to sleep at night or are constantly thinking about the price, then chances are you have in all probability too much. If you're concerned about a price decline of a few hundred bucks, or perhaps the equivalent percent in stocks or bonds, then you probably should not be investing in anything at all.

It is interesting that some people are uneasy when it comes to Gold, however, not the most obvious like stocks, bonds and Bitcoin bubbles that encompass them. Mass media plays a part in the lack of information by demonizing Gold and Silver at the same time worshiping bubbles.

As a general rule, 10% to 25% in actual physical precious metals may sound like a reasonable amount. Away from gold and silver and miners, decent investment prospects are hard to find. Higher than average cash allocations will likely be a smart option. 

American Market 

Anxious feelings were ongoing as the American markets started out despite adequate data from PPI (Producer Price Index) which was much better than anticipated. On the other hand, utilities, energy, and yield bets were the market sectors controlling as the market moved lower. The kind of interesting thing is if we were treated to exactly the same news reports a year ago, the market most likely would have experienced triple digit losses, with the volatility and volumes being so low this year.

The main Indexes came across their nastiest declines early in the trading day session as prices rebounded towards the close. The Russell Index declined almost 1%, although, the primary Index DowJones dropped 36.64 points (0.2%) to 22,048.70, S&P500 surrounded  0.90 points lower than 0.01% to 2,474.02,and also the NASDAQ100 decreased 18.13 points (0.3%) to 6,352.33. 

The S&P500 Puts (Options) volume was bid on Wednesday, with the VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) jumping by 35% but way below normal levels for this market season.

European Markets

Eurozone has appeared weak for a brief time and therefore didn't require additional justification of the news reports as equities came across lowers of in the vicinity of 1.5%. The German DAX30 led the way by dropping 1.1% at the outset after that the Franch CAC40 plunged by 1.4% having energy and financials at the forefront. 

The FTSE MIB (Milano Italia Borsa) benchmark stock market index lost around 1% while the UK’s FTSE100 shed merely 0.6% although did watch the British Pound currency go on and take a slight hit. Although, it did, later on, recoup the losses somewhat.

Asia-Pacific Market

Just one single significant topic for Asian-Pacific trading markets on Wednesday and sadly I must say, not a pleasant one. The uptick within geopolitics reigned over pretty much everything on Wednesday and understandably found stocks in retreat, by having an impressive rally in Treasuries as well as Gold which has been up whopping $16.20 to close at $1276.90. 

The Japan's Nikkei225 declined by far the most of the core averages with a downfall of 1.3% and came across by boosting the Yen currency right down to the middle of 109’s handle. Korea's Composite Stock Price Index dropped 1.1% as the Aussie ASX200 gathered 0.4%. China primary Shanghai Index finished just small lower with the minus 0.2%, and the HK's Hang Seng was off by 0.35%.

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Trading Market Commentary August, 2017
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