Trading Market Commentary August 8 2017


As we are waiting for the markets to kick their all-time high levels, it's fun to observe the simple-minded lining up for their next “climate fix.” However a significant change is going on - and I also forecast it'll develop into Climategate II, and as soon as it is all over for a reason, that size of the data tampering is only now entering into for everyone to see.

BTC's (Bitcoins) are roaring forward - present day digital tulips trading around $3,480 plus or minus last when I looked on Wednesday. If you are a newbie to this site, you might want to revisit and review my article “A Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Correction Is Coming” to grasp the gravity of the situation. 

Which means, that doubt is now over, together with the whack off the top of equally the equities as well as Bitcoins are at hand. The particular real question is whether or not as the Bitcoins, equities, and bonds bubble burst, but perhaps is the Climate Bubble going to explode, as well.

American Market 

US Stock market has been confused as well as rough and also fluctuated throughout the trading session on Tuesday before gradually concluding moderately lower. The decline on the day broke the DowJones streak (Nine) of establishing new history finishing on a high note for the tenth straight trading session.

The main indexes finished the Tuesday trading with minor losses. The S&P500 ended up slipping 5.99 points (0.2%) to 2,474.92, DowJones surrounded 33.08 points (0.2%) to 22,085.34, and the NASDAQ dropped 13.31 points (0.2%) to 6,370.46. 

European Markets

The US Dollar has been rock and roll in the US trading session and as a consequence sent Eurozone stocks slightly higher throughout the trading session on Tuesday. As the U.K.'s FTSE100 and French CAC40 Indexes increased by 0.1% and 0.2%, respectively, the German DAX30 average was bested by rising 0.3%. 

Asia-Pacific Market

Asia-Pacific markets were dominated by the Chinese released Trade Balance data on Tuesday that revealed a more substantial than anticipated surplus, however, a decline in the volume of trade activity, following the concerns in regards to the growth increase in the 2nd largest overall economy in the world.

The Shanghai Composite Index was thrown off to some degree on the news. However, the average is hovering just at the bottom of the top segment of its long-term trading range, following eight weeks of steady to higher gains. While the HK's Hang Seng progressed by 0.6%, and then the Nikkei225 average declined by 0.3%.

Currency and Gold Market

The US Dollar is testing it's Friday high level versus the Euro Dollar using a much better than estimated Job Openings Data. The considerably oversold Greenback currency has plenty of space to rally, which may help Eurozone stock markets that were moved lower because of the robustness with the single Eurozone currency in the recent several weeks.

The US Dollar resilience together with the record low volatility is undoubtedly weighing on Yellow metal following the Gold's great rally to $1275, and now climbing back to over $1265 in the overnight strength after a few days of take-down. 

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Trading Market Commentary August, 2017
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