Trading Market Commentary August 3, 2017


The 22,000 plus price and now what? In fact is market keep on in the robust upward trend that only would seem more likely to stop once we accomplished a classic rhyme off an era of 1929.

In that particular year, while we add up the volume of trading days (which includes many Saturdays trading at that time) starting with Herbert Hoover’s inauguration on March 4, 1929. And working towards the all-time-market high on September 3, 1929, we might place a doable all-time-high timepiece on the about August 21 (eclipse day) and August 24 of this year.

Although it is fair to hold reservations regarding those historical dates, we are also beware that the Federal Reserve (which is not federal at all) happens to be putting cash into the economic system at a breakneck pace. The last levels that the market can attain will undoubtedly and considerably bound by fast and easy money. A certain amount of which it will leak straight into the marketplace pricing.

However, one will find there's a seasonal factor, though, which needs to be considered as well. It is During the summertime when the market makers can easily “paint the tape” by making the DJ (DowJones) proceed tactically further up - delivering the sense of a market(s) on steroids, as the remainder of the market segments weighs back. Never the less there is great opportunity to make significant money by arbitraging between markets. So, without getting into much deeper let's see what happened in the markets on Thursday.

US Market 

The DowJones (DJ) average ended once again by performing the very best of the group while the NASDAQ and the S&P500 stayed under-pressure for the majority of the trading session. But many were pondering how come it's only the DJ that's flying? While other core indices mainly NASDAQ, S&P500, closed unchanged, while the Russell fell 1% yesterday. Markets feel as though they're treading waters, has been the common message traders heard on Thursday.

European Markets

In Eurozone, as turned out it was mostly over the BOE (Bank of England) conclusion with the final surprise to everyone vote 6-2 to keep the interest rates unchanged, as well as downgrading the inflation outlook. Whereas UK's FTSE100 Index progressed by 0.9%, the French CAC40 and Spanish IBEX35 closed higher by around 0.4%, but the German DAX30 once again suffered by closing down minus 0.2%. 

Asia-Pacific Market

The Asia-Pacific region closed lower, however with only the KOSPI (Korea Composite Stock Price Index) Under huge push did drop minus 1.7%. In China, the Shanghai market closed lower minus 0.35% while the HK's Hang Seng went down minus 0.3%. As it turned out the financials that yet again weighed on core Index notably HSBC (British multinational bank) which shed 1.3% in Thursday trading. 

Other Markets

Stock markets continue to keep talking about a global recovery and so the more they talk-it, the more heavy the DXY (US Dollar Index) gets. The US Dollar Index is under enormous pressure and has gone down to the multi-year low area of 92 to 93.

Once again the Euro Dollar traded very well on Thursday but remains to be underneath the 1.19 level, however, did check out an additional plus 0.2% increase. British Pound reaches a nine-month low price by decreasing 0.9% in news reports, as well as Q&A session by BOE. The Japanese Yen continued to see the flight to safety and security, whereas in the latter part of trading was teasing with the 110 price. 

Yellow metal right now appears to be positioned to rally on the way to $1300, whereas the oil prices dropped yesterday with deficits of approximately 1.5%, given that the crude oil has a difficult time moving past the $50 per barrel. 

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Trading Market Commentary August, 2017
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