Trading Market Commentary August 22, 2017


Given that a great deal of “hot money” comes off the table for the weekend break, which endures being “placed bets” on the weekend is likely to be a bit more steady with TSS  price-action-time-visibility of sentiment rather than intraday operating outcomes.

Any how, when one understands the idea of the weekly “Global” snapshot, it is then reasonably easy to observe certain things: Just how the US market has been performing in comparison to the rest of the world will be the first question.

BTW! The US S&P500 which had been rising higher than the “global pack” has recently leveled within the area of the global average, despite the fact that market continues to have a further downside to travel.

Which in nut shall means that in the very short-term right now, we can count on the market to go up on Wednesday? After that, a give-back move will occur heading into the weekend. Many of us do not know what “news” will push matters, on the other hand, we do have a nominee, and it is not a nice one to take into account, to say the least - stay tuned.

North American Market

Global equity markets enjoyed an excellent day Tuesday, particularly the US Indexes being the leading averages all rebounded off their lows levels again, while volatility fell drastically, although volumes continued to be extremely low, with the VIX (CBOE Volatility Index) shedding 12% last observed at 11.60%.

The summer months atmosphere, as well as the pending Jackson Hole symposium, preferred a mean-reversion push, and sure enough, the bears got cold feet, at the same time the inherent lack of strength from the Indexes continue to employ a more severe correction within the forthcoming weeks. With that being said, the S&P500, NASDAQ, as well as the DowJones are not far off their all-time levels.

The DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) progressed 196 points or 0.9% to 21,900, NASDAQ Composite leaped 84 points or 1.4% to 6,297, and the S&P500 Index was 24 points or 1.0% better at 2,453.

European Markets

Eurozone stocks ended mostly higher, with the British Pound and Euro Dollar dropping ground to the US Dollar, and as structural materials concerns led the way. 

The Geman DAX30 Index was the most active performer for Eurozone markets being up 1.35%, although perhaps not unusual having been by far the most beaten-up in latest trading. This has been followed tightly by their peers Franch CAC40 and UK's FTSE100 up 0.9% each, and with Spanish, IBEX35 climbing 0.5%. Volumes continue to be soft, on the other hand, we continue to be in summer trading mood, and traders, as well as investors, were guided by primary resources. 

Asia-Pacific Market

Asian-Pacific markets liked the fact that the Wall Street was able to turn around yesterday and therefore region opened having an atmosphere of confidence for their trading. Mainland Chinese equities edged-up higher, with Shanghai Composite Index rising by 0.1%. In Hong Kong, Hang Seng Index improved by 0.9% for the day. 

Japanese stocks right after a first sell-off in the Nikkei225 early on trading found a nice jump which regrettably was unsuccessful. Through the process of the middle afternoon, the Index experienced slippage back to the day's trading lows and saw equities struggled into the closing session with a minus 0.1% concluding the 5th consecutive day of losses. The JPY currency carries on to play around the middle 109 handle, which is intriguing as stock markets are rounding. However, the safe-haven bid stays for the Yen. 

Subsequently, in the Aussie land, the ASX200 rebounded with a helping resources rally - BHP Billiton Aluminium up 3%, and the AUDUSD currency, that was practically unchanged at 0.792. The Indian SENSEX (S&P Bombay Stock Exchange Sensitive Index) found much the same pattern to the Nikkei225 having unsuccessful concessive move in both directions.

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Trading Market Commentary August, 2017
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