Systemic Market Breakdown Is Accelerating, And It Is Deliberate

Authored by:  Gregory Mannarino

Let’s cut right to it. The breaking market down of the world financial system is continuing to pick up speed and energy, and it is by no means an accident.

Over just the last few weeks, every single piece of economic data, without exception, continues to be even more damaging than the previous several weeks. Home affordability just hit an all-time low. Real wages (the amount of cash people earn weighed against rising inflation) continue to drop.

People are rapidly pulling their cash out of money market(s) and saving accounts. More corporate layoffs have been announced. And with all this, credit card debt, household debt, and personal debt burdens are at new record highs.

Moreover, the global economy is contracting at its fastest pace on record. Debts and deficits continue to balloon, and no end is in sight. On top of all this, WAR, and the funding for the war, is expanding/growing; the stage has certainly been set.

But who is responsible for all this? And where is it going moving forward? Let’s address these questions with a question(s).

Who collectively runs the entire financial system?

Who runs the economy?

Who runs the world market(s)?

The answer to all these questions is CENTRAL BANKS.

Central banks run the world, period. The illusion may be that Kings, Queens, Monarchs, Dictators, Presidents, Prime Ministers, etc., along with so-called representative democracies or “We the People” get any choice is nothing but an illusion.

The dire situation regarding the world economy is deliberate, as central banks collectively push it off a cliff. If we were to look back on history, we would see that precisely these economic downfalls/situations led the world population into World Wars.

War, of course, is both the end game and the scapegoat who our so-called world leaders will blame as the source AND REASON WHY the world economy is failing and inflation continues to skyrocket—anything to distract people from the real culprit, central banks.

Expanding war will also be blamed for food shortages, clean water, and other necessities. And while we are on the subject, it is central banks who fund every single war.

War and the deliberate acceleration of the current systemic economic breakdown open up a corridor to a new system of control already being pushed upon us by puppet governments. A new control method, weaponizing world economies, market(s), and transaction modes against the people, especially the middle class.

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