Using Managed Forex Account Is On The Rise

In recent years the managed forex account There is an estimated over USD $5.5 trillion traded daily on currency trading, actually exchanging and speculating on currency prices. The bulk of the trading has traditionally been large banks and multinational corporations seeking to minimize their exposure to fluctuation in currency exchanges as well as professional fund managers.

Interest in managed forex account has been growing in the early stages for many online forex brokers, has become one of the largest most liquid and fastest growing trading markets in the world.

The advent of electronic trading platforms such as Meta Trader 4, has resulted in the accessibility and availability of trading managed forex account(s) to more and more retail investors on a global scale. And they are trading on a 24-hour basis resulting in a very liquid and volatile market, capable of generating huge profits, but also potentially huge losses.

Forex is an incredibly complex market, influenced by many factors and with very sudden movements and changes. 

It is important to keep abreast of financial market news, major economic announcements and follow market fluctuations. Various charts and technical analysis are available to assist traders to understand market movements and make decisions based on actual evidence and statistical modeling. 

However, in a time-poor world, learning to effectively take in all this information and decide on a strategy and oversee performance is difficult if not your full-time profession. So more and more investors are turning to managed forex account(s) and professional traders as a solution to being involved in a potentially hugely profitable market versus risking losses through lack of time or understanding of the complexities of forex trading.

Growth Of The Managed Forex Account(s)

Interest in managed forex account(s) has been growing since the early stages for many online forex brokers. Last month alone, one leading EU licensed forex broker noted a two-fold increase in the number of clients being put forward by professional fund managers. According to industry experts, having your account managed by someone who has an active track record in trading profitably and has superior understanding and knowledge of the forex markets, is a potentially significant advantage. 

Many traders choose to begin this way, as it is effectively like shadowing on the job and you have the opportunity to watch an expert trade your account while you follow the markets and soak up all the information available to you. It can be an excellent way gain experience and to speed up your learning curve, without the risk of making too many mistakes which will cost you real money.

The challenge as ever is finding someone who can do this for you efficiently and who can provide sufficient proof of successful trading history and experience to know that they will manage your funds properly and capitalize on opportunities when they present themselves.

Although most forex brokers do not manage accounts for retail investors, some do provide fund managers with ideal conditions for account management as well as all the tools they need to effectively monitor their managed accounts on behalf of individual clients. 

Fund managers are especially keen on brokers who offer a high level of service, in particular on a case-by-case basis, and some will prefer direct contact to an account manager with a no commission or fees structure which allows them to trade under the best possible conditions for their clients.

Some brokers also offer various tools for managed forex account(s) such as the Multi Account Manager tool or MAM and Multi-Trader. Professional money managers also often become business introducing partners for online forex brokers, enjoying the additional supplementary income.

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