Keep Trying And Never Give Up  

Keep trying it again: The majority of first-time traders will blow up the initial account or even two before they decide to give up trading, or begin to take things a lot more seriously. I do believe a sensible way to approach this is by looking at your initial failures as a tuition for learning the most relevant profession: trading the markets. In the event you give up the trading action following the first account taken down to absolutely nothing, you've paid up a costly tuition fee for nothing. This is often the time, where you should give the market the second chance and keep trying to succeed.

Keep trying because it is impossible to quit

Keep trying to triumph in the market while having thought processes of giving up comes after a particularly hectic full week of trading triggering big losses. You start asking yourself: Why am I making enormous an effort in trading, and consequently losing my hard earned money? Clearly, the reply is within the question — you over-traded. You suffered the loss of one trade and had been in a hurry to make up, placing another trade without contemplating too much, and that resulted in more losses as well as thought processes of giving up altogether.

Although there is an inclination to blame numerous villains for one’s troubles in the market, the bottom line is that actual challenge boils down to, you against yourself. Like in life, if you're not prepared to assume responsibility for what happens to you, you're virtually putting yourself in a position becoming a perpetual prey. In the market, everything you do—and don‘t do—matters. The thing is that the lessons an individual discover in the market frequently end up being very expensive.

My personal introduction to futures trading most likely is not unlike the experience of many readers of this blog. Over 25 years ago I entered the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) visitor gallery, and I thought I did kick the bucket and arrived at heaven. When I pressed my face up against the bulletproof viewing window and saw the updating numbers on the electronic digital price boards which circled the wall space, I sensed the nearly unique trading opportunities in the air.

Back then, I had limited appreciation for that which lay into the future. Following numerous abortive starts and stops, nonetheless, I began to find a small toehold to be able to succeed and keep trying in the futures trading. There have been certain do's and don'ts that one had to go by to stay solvent. Again, all of the clichés ended up being true. One had to take care of risk,  practice discipline. As well as take acceptable risks—all while striding a fine line somewhere between fear and greed. Regardless of one’s temptation to try to romanticize the lifestyle of a high—stakes trader. Clearly, there was nothing romantic about this. It was subsequently all effort and hard work, however, in time I started to discover improvement and began to envision myself  being a futures trader. I was on my way to be the professional trader.

By the mid—nineties, my long-held fantasy turned into a reality. The first thing my good friend at the CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange) explained was “If you can break even after half a  year trading this stuff, you can earn a lot of dole." This was not exactly what I'd needed to hear—really, I have intended to get wealthy overnight—but it turned out to be useful advice. I did make it through some difficult days, a good and bad, and I continued to be solvent. During my perseverance days to carry on, I’d mastered a few valuable lessons and principles, the most crucial being that you'd to keep trying. Trading had been a combat, going to battle. It took whatever you had to give—and a lot more becoming a floor trader of the floor.

At that point, trading was in my blood. To be a trader seemed to be similar to being a police officer meaning that only another trader will grasp the constant uncertainty as well as risk. One couldn't discuss everything you did each day with somebody who was not “in the business.” Either they have seen just the advantages and believed you’d stumbled on a gold mine, or they'd dwell on the losing part and thought you are an idiot when it comes to wasting a lot of money on a high—risk speculation. You couldn't help but feel that not one person who didn‘t risk that kind of dole every single day could understand. 

Know thyself and keep trying

Within my first couple of years of trading, I have been inclined to stop trading. Not as a result of substantial losses but rather because at times I thought I did not have knowledge, the motivation was not my problem. However, it's essential to understand fully why do you trade: Is it wealth preservation? Extra income? For fun or gambling? Just out of curiosity? Become financially well off? What is it?

Just what are you keep trying to accomplish? Is your objective being a trader practically attainable? If yes — in that case, do not put a stop to keep trying. Whenever things go bad, take a  break from trading, if you must continue, make smaller trades, to lower the possible losses.

All of us want to reach financial success through trading and acknowledging that all it takes to build this is the awareness of a quest of education as well as persistence which most likely everyone can embark on, is there reasons why to give up trading or just keep trying?


The possibility of perfecting trading as a beginner is nearly non-existent. Everything in life requires enough time to learn. You'll make some mistakes. Learn and grow from them.

In the course of the many selected professions, we engage in throughout our lives; we get to the spot where everyone of us wants to throw in the towel. We often surrender well before many of us even start and also other occasions most of us quit right before we're on the verge of produce that massive advancement we've been putting lots of effort into it to achieve.

“Wonderful things happen for those who don't stop keep trying, learning, believing, and being grateful.” — Roy T. Bennett

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