About Interactive Brokers Group

Well before Interactive Brokers (also known as IB) there was a time when you were required to undergo a brick-and-mortar brokerage to invest in the stock market. This stock broker would impose excessively high fees on straightforward trades which might not get executed for hours on end or longer. However with the arrival of internet discount brokerages, not only have fees turn into considerably more competitive, but the trading whole process has grown to become less complicated and much more hassle-free.

Interactive BrokersIn their position being a direct market access brokerage service designed for professional and active traders, IB offers its clients with the sophisticated order management, trade execution, and account management system along with automated access to stocks, options, futures, currency, bonds as well as mutual funds.

Interactive Brokers key features

Interactive Brokers provides sophisticated traders extraordinary resources for trading an array of applications. Additionally, it provides entry to worldwide marketplaces by accommodating trades in more than 90 exchanges throughout the world. IB truly stands out when it comes to trading less common products, for example, stock options, foreign exchange, and commodities.

IB proprietary platform WTS, which could be either downloaded or simply viewed on a web browser, are extremely comprehensive and will conduct several advanced approaches. As an example, an options trader can easily enter trailing stop-loss orders, a contingency orders depending on the price of the option or underlying assets, and trade advanced options tactics including multiple positions in a single execution.

Their SmartRoutingSM price execution is definitely distinct from many other smart routers, that will actively seek the best company stock, option, and pairing prices available at the time of your order, and will attempt to instantly execute your order electronically. 

IB SmartRouting AutorecoverySM is known as a application which will re-routes customers orders in the case of an exchange failure, with IB undertaking the risk of dual executions, as well as help to provide price improvement on sizeable volume and block orders and also take full advantage of concealed institutional order flows that may not be available at exchanges.

Trading expenses 

In regards to commission rates and costs, Interactive Brokers offers the lowest stock and options commission fees in the industry. Stock fees are $0.005 per share whilst option contracts range between $0.15 to $0.70 per contract, dependant upon the price of the option and also a number of contracts bought. In contrast to the majority of brokerages, IB doesn't impose an additional flat fee in addition to those fees and commissions.

Nevertheless, here are a few some other expenses to be aware of. IB charges a minimum of $1.00 commission per trade for stock and options transactions. Furthermore, in the event you don’t shell out $10 on commission fees each month, you are charged the difference. Furthermore, if you do not shell out a minimum of $30 on a monthly basis in commissions, you have to fork out $10 to obtain having access to real-time quotations. These minimum requirements apply to total trading activity throughout the various kinds of stocks.

As a final point, traders won't be able to open an account with fewer than $10,000 and in addition, they have to maintain that minimum balance. Undoubtedly, Interactive Brokers is undoubtedly catering towards more proactive traders which are investing with a significant amount of capital.

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