Learn how to trade forex before you invest a dime

How to trade forex may seem simple. After all, you're just exchanging one currency for another. You'd be right trading is simple, but making money at trading requires an education. You can purchase courses on how to make money trading forex, there are other ways you can learn without purchasing anything.

How to trade forexSome trading platforms provide tools that help you learn how to trade forex and an area where you can make “fantasy trades” to test your skills without jeopardizing your real assets. You can make all the mistakes possible before you actually trade real currency and learn from the mistakes as you go. Just learning how to read forex quotes can be intimidating.

Currency trading is part of the global marketplace. Every day people in one country use products grown or created in another. Those products cost money and that money starts as one type of currency, such as US dollars and has to convert to another type of currency, such as Euros. In this example, the exchange rate is the number of US dollars it takes to equal a Euro or the number of Euros it takes to equal a dollar. That rate is normally not a one for one trade no matter what currency pairs you're using. To show the relationship between two currencies, the exchange rate is shown by first listing the two currencies with the first of the two being the base rate of one. For instance if you're trading Euros---EUR---for US dollars---USD---the trade might read EUR/USD 1.0992, meaning for each Euro it would take $1.0992 USD.

How to trade forex key points

When you start on your quest to learn how to trade forex, you need to first learn the basics of currency exchange, such as reading quotes, and what triggers changes in prices. Forex trading doesn't take place in one area but is an over-the-counter or OTC marketplace that takes place around the world 24 hours a day, five and a half days a week. When actually trading, there are normally three prices listed; the bid, the ask and the opening. The bid price is what you'd get if you were selling a unit of the base currency---shorting it. The ask is what you'd pay if you were buying---know as going long---on the base currency.

Understanding the underlying concepts of what drives the value of the currency will help you identify early signs of potential changes in exchange rates and lead you to more successful trades when you do begin actual trading. These signs may include fundamental information, the information that includes financial news from the various countries, such as economic reports or even political news. As you progress, you'll also learn how to interpret the history of price movements using charting techniques. These historic price movements can help you predict the future movements of the value of the currency.

Learning how to trade forex before you risk any of your own capital is of utmost importance. Most trading platforms offer tutorials to help you not only learn the basics and language of a forex trade, but also how to use both fundamental and technical information to predict the movement of various currency pairs. The more you learn, the more potential you'll have of becoming one of the elites that make money trading currency pairs.

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