Please Consider Gratuity

Though I had a successful trading/teaching career, I made the decision to stop my trade coaching in the mid-2000’s. Based on the traders outcry, I determined that I should at the very least provide a Live Signal for those who were still interested (seemingly a lot of you ). Since then, this site had been created to meet the demands, and it certainly to help you to trade better.

What do I mean by gratuity? 

I mean that if you have found this site to be helpful in your trading endeavors, therefore please consider gratuity to help keep this site operational. If you are a regular trader, then making a contribution would definitely be within your best interest to ensure that this resource will be available to you in the for seeable future. 

The quality of the signals posted on this site are the sole responsibility of the author, and not representative of I do not endorse the signals or make any claims as to their accuracy. For more information, refer to the RISK DISLOSURE document below.