Gold and silver investments and why you should protect yourself

Gold and silver investments are prudent as the economy has now been unsettled for nearly eight years with unemployment, wages, and interest rates all on different roller coasters. But, is this more unsettled than in the past, or just different from what we've had before? You will get plenty of opinions on that from every news source and pundit you can find. What the investor of today needs to realize is that the more things change, the more they do stay the same, there is always going to be ups and downs in the market, take advantage of the current gold and silver prices to protect yourself against uncertainty.

Gold and silverIt doesn't matter what you believe will occur over the rest of this decade; the one thing looks almost certain: the power of fiat money is going to be impacted, possibly drastically. Whether or not the economic climate slides into deflation, the deflation will not last for very long. The freak-out Federal Reserve (The Fed) will print to the stratosphere level and trigger off an outrageous surge in prices. For this reason, I’m certain the currency dilution won't only keep on but increase.

Gold and silver: Do you own enough for what lies ahead? 

Protect yourself with gold and silver. When the price of real estate plummets as people move from the major cities, investors will flock to these precious metals as a hedge. While there will also be those that will want to invest in big oil and other fossil fuels, those too will be on their way out.

Solar power is set to cost less than half of regular grid electricity in just six more years. When that happens the value of oil in the ground, refineries, and refueling stations are going to drop like a rock, and it's a major disruption in the markets. Gold and silver will be where a good percentage of that money ends up. As investors flee the oil, gas, nuclear, and coal markets the price of silver and gold will soar due to the uncertainty in all of the markets.

The gold, as well as the silver train, is coming, and it's not stopping for anyone! Despite a tremendously rough year, the dominant trajectory of gold with silver prices cannot be denied.

Are bullion coins a wise choice as an investment

Since catastrophic upheaval is coming shortly, it would be a good idea to keep at least some of your money in bullion and have it in your possession as well. That doesn't mean keeping it under your bed at home, but physically able to touch it in your safe deposit box might be a good idea. Nearly a million dollars of gold fits into a box the size of a briefcase.

With the coming collapse of many of the primary markets that run the economies of the world, it's almost a necessity to have some of your money invested in gold or silver. Even if the predictions of today are wrong, it just means that the next big change is more unpredictable, as well as inevitable.

However, beware that Gold, silver and other physical metals (along with artworks, antiques, stamps and vintage wines) are classified by the IRS (US Internal Revenue Service) as “collectibles”. Whenever you sell an asset in memorabilia which you kept for over a year, an individual's profits will be subject to taxes at the greater rate compared to rate which pertains to mutual funds, bonds or stocks.

In a nutshell

Before you buy gold and silver, you should educate yourself about the opportunity and risk presented by the investment. There is numerous details information online to guide you in understanding not only to your gold and/or silver investment goals but the precious metals industry as a whole. Asked yourself how come precious metal companies are excited to purchase yellow metal scrap as well as silver? Will you be having thoughts whether you should be cashing in on these worn out broken or cracked necklaces as well as rings?

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