Forex market and the interesting facts you need to know 

Forex market attracts more and more people to trade the currencies. Its specifics, dynamics and the profit generation opportunities turn it in a lucrative option for making more money or even starting a business.

Forex marketIf you’re just getting started with forex trading, you’ll need to understand several very important things about the market.

Why is the forex market unique?

For a start, it’s important to determine the characteristics that make the forex market unique.

The currency trading that is forex doesn’t take place through a regulated exchange. A central governing body doesn’t exist, which means that members trade with each other on the basis of trade agreements.

People who are used to structured markets may find forex a bit chaotic at first. The arrangements that have been put in place, however, seem to work exceptionally well. There is a lot of self-regulation, which contributes to the fairness of the market.

The main figures

Taking a look at some currency market figures is really enlightening in terms of size and volume of transactions.

Daily forex transactions reach a volume of approximately five trillion US dollars. This turnover makes the market the largest one in the world. In fact, forex is nearly 12 times larger than the global equity markets. The growth rate of forex transactions is nearly 20 percent per year.

The most popular currencies include the US dollar, Euro, Swiss frank, Britsh pound, Japanese yen and the Australian dollar. The most common currency pairing on the market is Euro to US dollar – such transactions represent 37 percent of the total trade volume.

Biggest benefits

Forex trading delivers a vast range of amazing benefits. The most important ones include:

•    The level of volatility is relatively high, but forex is much more stable than stock markets 

•    Many billionaires have accumulated their wealth through currency trading 

•    There’s a vast range of currencies that traders can choose among 

•    Forex comes with relatively low transaction costs  

•    There are no middlemen involved in the process 

What does It take to be a successful trader 

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