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This crypto contextual information explores the importance of fundamental analysis and ideas for cryptocurrencies and how you can engage in your due diligence before investing

May 4, 2018: IOTA Crypto Update 

Yesterday, I made a statement to make a condition for investors as well as traders keeping their targets manageable regarding IOTA being a market leader. After the fabulous performance on Thursday, it's only justifiable to expect crypto coin will to take a pause. Such as developing Key resistance at $2.5830, so, for now, let's see what happens before coin will shoot for next 'Coin Rally' $3.0150.

May 2, 2018: Crypto Update - EOS Consolidates Following 31% Drop In Heavy Trading

Because many parts of the world are having national holidays on Tuesday, crypto market volumes have been rather low, and many of the leading coins remained in the consolidation patterns which formulated following the sharp rally within the last two weeks of April. The most significant currencies have been diverging noticeably in the calm trading setting, as the bullish current market factors prevailed.

Bitcoin continued to show relative weakness throughout the Monday/Tuesday session, and an early on sell-off pressed granddaddy coin just above Mean support $8796 level. The crypto coin matched its losses at the end of the Monday session, as the rising trend continued to be intact. Given the positive long-term set-up, I nevertheless expect the uptrend rally to keep on, with Mean resistance ahead at $9645 and Coin Rally target at $10135.

While Bitcoin as well as few other majors chopped about with no apparent direction, the EOS coin has been the star of the show once again, as the crypto retracted little under $16 price level right before stabilizing at $18 range. The coin continues to be in an upward trend mode, even though a more challenging correction is in front of the Key resistance of $21.4120. The rally trend is only valid from Mean supports of $14.4600 and $11.1300. 

On the whole, volatility, as well as correlations involving the major's cryptos, continue to be relatively low, with many of the coins holding the respective support levels which halted last week’s static correction. Ethereum, NEO, and IOTA returned to higher grounds similarly to EOS following the latest pullback, while some others tend to be lagging and weaker from a short-term rally standpoint, for now, the recovery isn't in jeopardy even with regards to the weakest majors coins.

April 27, 2018: EOS and NEO Crypto Updates

EOS crypto has expanded its up move. On April 28th it has cracked the all-time high of $18.6700 reached on January 13 of 2018 to establish a new lifetime high of $23.0290.

I expect the bears to offer a stiff resistance again at the lifetime highs of $23.0290. We need to wait for consolidation and confirmation of Trade Selector Signal strategic 'Coin Rally' completion of 22.7700 level before suggesting any fresh short positions. On the downside, the Mean support levels lay at 18.7700 and 14.4600 with Key support at 11.1300. 

NEO coin dipped back from hitting Mean resistance of $82.30 on April 25 but found strong buying and completed our Coin Rally target at $94.50 on April 29th. 

If NEO prices continue to stay below Coin Rally target, we may get a small dip, forming a Short signal formation. As this is the only possibility at this time, we will wait for a precise picture to present itself before advising any kind of new trade.

April 27, 2018: Crypto Update: Up Trend Not In Real Danger In Spite Correction

The main crypto currencies are consolidating in a narrow range Friday following Thursday’s sharp pullback, with the overall value the marketplace stabilizing close to the $400 Billion amount. All the main coins honored support at Mean support levels, maintaining the bullish trend unchanged, as the overbought numbers have been eliminated.

The static correction will more than likely continue. However, Trade Selector Signal trend model continues to be optimistic from a medium to short and to long-term perspective. In the matter of the majority of the coins,  the underlining trend is positive, and that be expecting the rebound to continue after the dip.

Bitcoin crypto dropped to Mean support of $8796 area throughout the pullback, however, it stayed at over that level, and it is trading now in a neutral zone between $8796 and key resistance $9645. The granddaddy coin could poise to resume the established uptrend, and ambitious traders and investors may get into new placements making use of these two numbers.

Ethereum coin found bottom just above the Mean support $617 level and adjusted back to the neighborhood of the Key resistance $703, within the medium to a short-term uptrend. A break above the Key resistance is still likely, and a test of the $862 'Coin Rally' is possible after the strong up move. 

With that being said, Ethereum is among the market leaders of the mini upswing trend which is expected to carry on. Therefore, long-term traders and investors should preserve their coins regardless of the moves.

How to Use Trade Selector Signal Charts?

As I've stressed before not all assets are one Size Fits All investing/trading strategies. There are numerous long, medium, as well as short-term trading and investment techniques and strategies which can be profitable in a bull and bear markets such as the one which the altcoins has encountered recently, but mixing the time-frames and mixing trading and investing approach can lead to many trading opportunities within one's objectives. See the article on the topic:

What follows is a reminder of the various strategies: 

1. Acquire and keep, without caring about daily or even month-to-month price fluctuations.

2. Buy and hold a core position and add on the strategic support retracements, or Sell resistance rallies; a very powerful strategy.

3. Buy a certain amount every day, week, month or quarterly and even-out your portfolio. 

4. Stay with the drill - be alert, cautious, and very, nimble, and avoid periodic “re-boot” of your positions.

5. In trading mode (Not investing) trade short-term movements with Stop-Loss, Take Profit objectives, by using strict risk management.

April 26, 2018: While observing crypto currency the favorable price action in the recent a few weeks, there was apparently some noticeable impact from the same regulators which triggered the Q1 price landslide. What I am referring to is the 23rd of April talk at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Technology Review magazine: Business of Blockchain.

MIT has recently released a paper in which the experts analyzed three ways of ‘killing’ Bitcoin (BTC). The first step is developing a universal Federal Reserve based currency, called the 'Fedcoin,' that, aided by the time passing, could quickly wipe out all the other cryptos, such as Bitcoin.

The Bank of Canada (BoC) decided to go using this method earlier, by building a crypto network system based on Ethereum technology. The second strategy is producing single crypto currency by the most extensive social networking sites available, that could make it possible for forcing out Bitcoin from the market, considering the number and volumes of social media end users.

Lastly, the third approach is issuing a massive number of crypto coins, each intended for a specific purpose. This will also drastically impact the top ten altcoins, as well. However, the crypto currency market continues to be closely watched due to the high level of secrecy, privacy, and lack of regulations. Stay tuned.

Crypto Ethereum ETH/USD

Ethereum coin has been doing excellent during the last few days, however right now has decreased with the pack right after hitting a six-week high of $711. Throughout the last session, Ethereum confirmed the two Trade Selector Signal projections CD's (Coin Destinations) at $622.50 and $700 which were successfully re-tested on the decline. Ethereum by completing CD's it is in a retracement mode with some good chances to decline to Mean Support of $502. 

Of the top ten crypto coins, only EOS is performing with bullishness zest between 0 to 1 percent over a last 24 hour period and currently is trading just under $15. EOS coin has seen an increase in price ever since the 6th of April with an announcement of the pre-release of the Blockchain technology scalability platform EOS-IO Dawn 3.0.

April 25, 2018: Bitcoin has stalled at the Key resistance at $9533 mark. I've suggested partial booking Take Profit at this level in my previous analysis. In a medium to long-term trend, I believe that the cryptocurrency will consolidate between Mean support #1 of $8796 and a new Key resistance $9645. Between these two levels, the Bitcoin can remain highly volatile. 

NEW: EOS, a highly demanded crypto currency coin is now live on EOS is the fastest growing crypto coin and is one of the leaders regarding traded volume and price. You are now able to access Ten (10) the most popular cryptocurrency pairs. Finding any pair is quite easy. Simply scroll up/down two columns, and locate your favorite coin for latest chart/price analysis.

April 24, 2018: The crypto coins rally is continuing since our earlier look at the medium to long-term charts, and the key coins just about all confirmed a new short-term upward trend. The majority of the biggest crypto currencies furthermore broke out from their extensive falling trends, as the overall value of the market segment is currently higher than 50% above the range around the correction low.

The all-around outlook continued to be positive, together with Bitcoin ’s bulls leading the charge, hitting the Destination of $9278, that was at work for some time. Next Key resistance is ahead at $9533, with further CD2 at $10135, while Mean supports is found near $8796, and $7893.

In spite of the medium-term robustness, Bitcoin remains to be one of the more robust majors coming from a long-term outlook, along with the secular upward trend staying intact, long-term investors and traders should hang on to their coinage and even use a call to action with increasing their holdings with the strategic retracements.

April 23, 2018: The crypto currency segment is within a short-term static correction following an excellent week which saw numerous Mean resistance levels fall, as the main coins maintained the bullish strength thus hitting fresh rally highs levels after having a moderate correction.

Smaller Altcoins continuing to outperforming Bitcoin in the process going higher within the last few days, but today (Monday), Bitcoin is hanging on reasonably well in the midst of the consolidation, suggesting a small change of behavior and prepared for another advance move.

Bitcoin by breaking out of its prolonged declining trend, rallied reasonably quickly up to the critical $8900 zone as predicted, however, the momentum of the go has been somewhat weak. The granddaddy coin didn't get into the area above $9000, with the Mean resistance line at $8927 halting the advance, for the time being.

The coin should stay way above the Mean support line. However, one more short-term consolidation phase might be ahead as altcoins are most likely will be entering a modest correction. Further Key resistance is ahead at $9533 while Destination of CD1 and CD3 is found at $9278 and $10135 respectively.

April 21, 2018: The two-faced, yet bullish price action carried on in crypto currencies on Saturday in early trading, with all the key altcoins increasing their latest gains, at the same time outperforming the somewhat exhausted Bitcoin.

Since the most significant coin hovering just below its recent high at $9039, the overall value of the market segment is hanging around just above the $350 Billion mark, in spite of the robust overall performance of Ethereum, Monero, and Ripple.

Ripple hit the second CD at $0.91800 as we expected, while Ethereum topped CD at $622.50 amid the broad rally, while our trend model switched to retracement mode with regards to the leaders which accomplished their CD's.

April 20, 2018: The major crypto coins are experiencing yet another bullish day after a brief consolidation period with all the top nine crypto currencies showing off sizeable increases. Altcoins are leading the push, since the change in relative robustness that I've outlined many times seems to be happening in vengeance, with the ETC/USD pair validating a continuous short-term uptrend.

Bitcoin is up as well today, but even though the many altcoins are trading on recent rally high levels, BTC/USD is stuck beneath the earlier swing high at $8927, which is a previously developed Mean resistance level. The dominant decreasing trendline is also in that space, and this robust area could restrain the most significant coin for a little more extended period. A breakout would undoubtedly validate a whole new growing short-term bullish trend, with the following primary Key resistance area ahead at $9533.

April 19, 2018: Are Bitcoin whales abandoning the crypto marketplace? The coin's value has erupted by 20% during the last nine days. However, many say the further up trajectory is not as straight line as it should be considering the length of the latest correction. The crypto market’s abrupt gyrations have left all of us with just one particular justification: the Bitcoin whales have returned.

Crypto currencies currently have added in almost $100 Billion to their market capitalization during the last week, having Bitcoin performing a great deal of the tasks. This appears to have urged Bitcoin’s big holders to sell their possessions for reasons that aren't yet unclear.

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