Bitcoin Crash And What's Next

Bitcoin (BTC) most recent price decline didn't appear in isolation, and nearly every key crypto has encountered substantial value drop throughout the week. Numerous crypto buyers are having a panic attack over the crypto's most recent “Crash.” 

As many as Forty-nine of leading Fifty cryptos were rebounding on Friday (Jan 19) after a bloodbath on the cryptocurrency market in past times few days. Cryptos such as Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Monero all dropped in value, with many plummeting a lot more than Bitcoin before regaining some ground.

Those people who work the MSM (Main Stream Media) - formerly universal gurus on all things Crypto - have gone strangely quiet as the price of Cryptos. BTC has fallen to less than 50% of their all-time-highs levels before going into as a “dead cat bounce" mode.

So that we are very clear, I posted support and resistance numbers in the past several days of Trade Selector Signal Bitcoin price action - and we will learn how high the "dead cat bounces" today (Jan 19) will go. Nevertheless, what is very clear is the fact that BTC has taken out the foundation of the support level as projected, and now have gone down through the floor, and is currently stuck in a downtrend segment.

Inside the data chart below, observe that support level $4830 has become a likely target range - should this be a completed drop. In fact, heading ultimately out in the direction of $2665 is a substantial probability.

But as soon as Bitcoin get lower into that bottom part of the segment towards $2665, then it could be very appealing with some dough that might otherwise be shoved into the slot machinesBitcoin daily Chart 2018.01.19

This could be a hint that more and more institutional investors and traders will be using digital currency as a vital investment. The system would undoubtedly gather information from a lot more than Fifteen crypto exchanges all over the world and offer it to potential traders.

The coiners already are babbling that since the biggest bank in Rising Sun (Japan) currently is looking to start a BTC exchange, which this can be in some way an essential step on the way to becoming a nationally-backed currency someplace. However, there is a considerable distinction between as being an authorized for of exchange rather than a backed one.

By and large, I believe - and that is in line with the data in the price charts - is the fact that BTC is going to tumble to remarkably lower levels. However, when this occurs, it will be a perfect time for a specific wise central bank to “buy the currency” (which usually should be inexpensive) and then back it up. This would seem reasonable enough to all of us, however, recall here that nobody stepped in back in the year of 1637 to finish the monetization process of tulip mania.

What's Next For Bitcoin

But as soon as Bitcoin get lower into that bottom part of the subsequent move towards $2665, then it could be very appealing with some dough that might otherwise be shoved into the slot machines - the competitive type of gaming.

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