Artificial Intelligence Technology - Where Are We Today And Tomorrow  

Indeed, we hear a much of artificial intelligence (AI) technology nowadays, though very few souls surprisingly don't understand what AI truly is. Equally more baffling to newcomers and beginners is that many people who are in the AI arena argue about its definition.

Indeed, we hear a much of artificial intelligence (AI) technology nowadays, though very few souls surprisingly don't understand what AI truly is. Equally more baffling to newcomers

Furthermore complicating the issue is when marketing ventures begin promoting their conventional technologies as artificially intelligent driven when in actuality, they are not.

There is a twosome of categories that those in the realm of AI fall within. In the first category are those who think that AI is computer software which simulates human decision producing or seems to mimic individual decision making. 

The second group which calls themselves purists who consider the neural network processing is real artificial intelligence technology. In the following text, we will address both types of approaches. 

Also, we will likewise touch upon all the various applications, technologies which are or resemble to be alike, that their authors or marketers have identified as AI.

Artificial Intelligence Applications And Usage

Nowadays, we find many artificial intelligence applications or algorithms which scan vest array of databases to detect irregularities and anomalies: Search Engine's on the Internet and extensive variety of networks (A network is a set of computers and devices joined-connected together), interactive e-Learning systems, autonomous operation, recognition software for speeches, facial features, fingerprints, voice and spell checkers, and anti-spam programs and others. 

Of course, the more powerful and intense software application such as self-piloted airplanes, self-driving vehicles, telephone systems, weather forecasting, markets trading, military net-centric warfare systems, space program systems, an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles the more relevant AI becomes.  

It should be rather obvious to recognize that AI technology has transformed our lives as enormously as computers did themselves, and in the future of our lives there will be more impact of artificially intelligent robotics in our homes, workplaces with the decision-making process. 

In the future, we'll have AI operating our government, funds flow, individual and mass transportation systems, distribution systems, virtual reality church,  environment, entertainment arrangements and merely everything else one could likely imagine. No doubt after reading this article you may deem of more applications.

With AI is the sky, is the limit? It does seem that way or perhaps not at all, as the world engaged heavily in using artificial intelligence underground and underwater, hence the sky is not the limit nor is the ground or anything else in this present dimension.

AI is not even restricted to energy, nor time and space, or matter in a given dimension. In the future people might have add-on apps features where humanity and machines are blended using AI parts.

Consequently, when we consider where we are now with AI systems, the most appropriate response would be; We're at the tip of the unmoved iceberg.

In Conclusion

The more important question is how we shall move on at the present moment? Does humankind have the sincerity, discipline as well as the will to sustain the forward progress with this artificial intelligence technology without losing or jeopardizing who we all are and all we have created; conceivably that is the most significant question of all?

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