Are Trading System All Equal to Each Other?

by Soledad K. Livingston
(Georgia, USA)

If you've ever tried to trade stocks or shares, or currency for that matter, you've probably wondered "are trading system all equal to each other?". That's a fair question - and one that's hard to answer.

There are many different ways of trading. Some people use signal providers. Some people launch Meta Trader and use that to do technical analysis and then try to simply number-crunch their way to riches. Some people don't like doing that, and instead pour over news headlines and then log into the browser based platform that their broker provides and try to trade manually.

The best trading systems use a combination of technical analysis and fundamentals. The Brexit, for example, is quite clearly going to put a shadow of uncertainty over the pound - and that's going to impact other markets, and companies that trade in those markets, so you should use that knowledge and an economic calendar to plan medium term investments.

Meanwhile, use technical analysis to help you with the shorter term trades, and build u a knowledge of how the markets move so that you can be successful yourself. If one system worked all the time, after all, everyone would be rich.

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TSS Smart System
by: Bill

No, it is not. Entry, exits stop management are set with a hands-on trading - live account. I know many of you will want more out of a TSS than few signals per day, keep in mind the trades posted are the highest probability and lowest risk trades that you will not find anywhere else.

Here is what currently in development for
1. The website page "Live Signal" will track trading activity and trading results automatically from a live account.
2. Feature to receive the Live Signal via email/RSS etc. - To be Determined
3. The system will allow the traders to copy Live trades and execute them in their account.

So, for the time being, please stay on 'Live Signal' page and trade as we go along with the market.

System type
by: Dennis

Is TSS an entirely mechanical system?

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