Are Secret Low Cost Brokerage Services Worth A Look?

by John E
(Charleston, USA)

Are there any secret low cost brokerage services out there? If you don't know all the brokers and their sites, then you will likely find many low cost operations you didn't know about. What is their secret anyway? When Robin Hood first launched, everyone wondered how they were able to allow people to trade stocks for free. They have certain things in place for turning a profit, but it just didn't seem like it was going to be enough. Yet, celebrity endorsements and financial backings helped ease people's minds to the point that millions have signed up for an account and have been trading for over a year now.

Forex has many low cost brokerages, too, but you certainly have to watch out for land mines. What do I mean by land mines? I mean that are untrustworthy sites out there posing as Forex brokers. Notice I didn't say untrustworthy brokers. While I'm sure there are those as well, legitimate Forex brokers are going to have strong operations with varying rules. These other sites I'm talking about are looking to dupe you and take your money, among other things.

The Forex market represents many opportunities for financial gain, but it is also less regulated. Those people in power are sometimes blamed for monopolizing currencies and even devaluing them on purpose. Watch what investment choices you make, but there are certainly many low cost brokerages out there.

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Take a look at PaxForex
by: Mace

You might want to take a look at PaxForex. I've been using them for a little bit, and thus far I'm very happy using them. They have three various accounts, and also their customer support is definitely top rated, at least that's been my personal, practical experience. I gradually transferred my money there, and they have won the campaign for my leading FX Broker service. They take care of deposits/withdrawals quickly and I also honestly feel that my money is secure. Exactly what got me showing an interest has been their $200 deposit Bonus.

I'm able to recommend these folks, not sure if perhaps other people have dealt with them from this group. In the event you conduct business with them, please let me know if you agree with my opinion.

Best Broker for a Newbie
by: Bruce

Have been to the reviews about Forex brokers. Let me ask the question on this website. For an individual in Europe, having a micro account between $100 to $250 to deal with, can any Forex brokers can serve me well?.

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